Monday, May 22, 2017

Lessons learnt and future

Most important things that I have learnt through engagement in the ONL course and why?

The ONL course practically showed the power of open network learning. First, the course taught us how to address the change of diversity participants. The course included a collection of tools and gave opportunities to use them within the course and to create individuals learning environments. I would like to highlight the most important lesson learned from the ONL171 course. It is a comment posted by Alastair Creelman on one of my posts saying; “Context is the king, not the content.” I recalled my experience as a teacher who taught content (including tools) with paying little attention to the context. As a teacher, I shared much content with students but later realized that only a few of them are useful in the long ru.      After, following the ONL course, I realized that teacher’s role should focus on the context rather introducing content. All the assignment we did as a group and individuals helped me to understand the importance of the context.

The video posted above explain the concepts of content and context although it  is not directly related with teaching and learning.

The influence of ONL on my practice 
I learned how to design a teaching and learning environment that promote cooperation and collaboration.  It is important to select tools to match the context. Tools should be simple and address the issue of student’s diversity. The selection of tools should concern the openness and networking.

My thoughts about using technology to enhance learning/teaching in my context?
There is no structured formula to use technology for teaching and learning. The use of technology should concern the expected learning outcomes but should flexible according to the student’s expectations and abilities. The technology should have introduced as a tool that students can use for creating personal learning networks.

What are I am going to do as a result of involvement in ONL? Why?

As a member of a teaching panel first I have to share my experience and thoughts with others. It may be difficult to implement a change since I am a member of teaching panel who is teaching only for a group of students. 

My suggestions (activities and/or in general) for development of eLearning in your own teaching or context? 

I will try to use the community of inquiry (CoI) as a framework for designing my courses. The CoI framework will help to change my role from sage on the stage to guide on the side mode. Information and communication tools (especially open and networking) can be used to  create Cognitive, Teaching and Social presence. The implementation of CoI requires the use of e-learning tools. Therefore,  a blended learning environment will be used as a strategy to implement the CoI.


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  1. I definitely agree with you about context prior to content. In teacher education this is a real challenge since we teach our students in a "contextless" environment in the sense that we do not have any school pupils at hand. It is really only when our teacher students do their practicum that the notion of context becomes really clear to them, and how quickly some aspects of the context can change.


Lessons learnt and future

Most important things that I have learnt through engagement in the ONL course and why? The ONL course practically showed the power of o...